Romana Kněžourková

Romana Kněžourková

Romana Kněžourková
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Minimalist and elegant drawings of cats and birds by artist, Kellas  Campbell.

ARTFINDER: Charlie Sleeping August 2014 by Kellas Campbell - I used charcoal and graphite, and touches of powdered, iridescent pastel for this artwork of my cat, Charlie.

This drawing of Charlie is for sale in my shop.  :)

ARTFINDER: Sleeping Cat in September by Kellas Campbell - Here is Charlie, my cat, in deep slumber. I used graphite, pastel and charcoal pencils. Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Elegant cat tattoo :)

kallimao: Cattoo This is the finalized cat tattoo design for my friend Lindsay K. She decided that she wanted more of an abstract line art style, and this is the end result. I look forward to seeing this design tattooed upon her this weekend!

Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas Campbell | Artfinder

ARTFINDER: Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas Campbell - My cat was fast asleep, curled up like a round, furry pillow. I used graphite and pastel pencils and tried to capture her sleepy cuteness. - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!