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an old brick building on the corner of a city street with tall buildings in the background
The Resurgence of Downtown Detroit
Detroit's Flatiron building / Flickr
two people standing in front of a colorful building
These 18 Amazing Street Murals In Detroit Rival Anything In The World
The creative spirit is alive and well in the Motor City. Detroit is an appealing place for many street artists and a place to go if you want to make something amazing. Murals In The Market happened last week and the results are breathtaking. 45 artists applied their skills to the walls of Detroit’s historic Eastern Market area, and
an old run down building in the middle of winter
Ford/Plymouth Mill Plant on Wilcox Rd @ Hines Drive
Built in 1922 by the Ford Motor Co. This is one of Ford's Village Industry Plants. Standing at the intersection of Hines Drive & Wilcox Rd. At one time this was the site of the Plymouth Flour M...
a tall tower sitting in the middle of a park next to a tree filled field
Art Deco Detroit Part Five-Deco Around Town | Decopix
Art Deco Detroit Part Five-Deco Around Town | Decopix
an aerial view of a baseball stadium and the city skyline at night, as seen from above
Tigers History on Twitter
Sun Sets On Final Game At Tiger Stadium On Sept. 27, 1999
a very tall building with many windows and steps leading up to the front entrance area
Michigan’s Most Haunted: Detroit Masonic Temple
The Masonic Temple Detroit, MI. Graduated from Troy, Athens High School here in 1989.
the detroit tigers statue is in front of an illuminated sign
Detroit Tiger ! Ready for some Detroit Tiger Baseball!!!!!!!
an artistic photo of a stained glass window and palm tree in the middle of it
This stained glass and colored tile is in the first floor elevator lobby in the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit, Michigan.
an outside view of a bar at night with lights on and people walking around the building
The Historic Elwood Grill
an old church with two steeples on it's sides and trees in the foreground
Detroit in Pictures | Detroit Metro Times
Ste. Anne Roman Catholic Church Complex – Howard and Ste. Anne Streets: It’s the second oldest continuously operating Roman Catholic parish in the United States and it was built in 1886. The remains of Father del Halle, who was shot and killed by an Indian while returning to Fort Pontchartrain, remain buried under the alter, which has moved four times throughout several construction periods.
the words 10 best underrated attractions in cleveland, on a purple background with an image of
The 10 Coolest Attractions In Detroit That Not Enough People Visit
10 Best Underrated Attractions In Detroit
two wooden chairs sitting next to each other in a room
Detroit Chairs
the detroit tigers statue is in front of an illuminated sign
an old brick building with a playground in front of it and the city behind it
Renovated Victorian mansion in Brush Park sells for $2.65 million
Renovated Victorian mansion in Brush Park sells for $2.65 million | Crain's Detroit Business. A Grand Blanc-area optometrist buys the multi-unit property, including a parking lot and a pair of parcels totaling about a half-acre that could be redeveloped.