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Pavlína Vlková

Pavlína Vlková
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Japanese tea house

Japanese tea house idea on how the doors work. I think a good alternate is the thin white plastic sheets. More durable than rice paper and still let's light in


Backyard:the tree was diseased. the trunk was still "good". they built the ultimate treehouse using reclaimed materials. this is not your ordinary tree house.this is a BIG KID tree house. i am in LOVE! someday, i will have a cool treehouse, too!

260 sq ft Balinese cottage by Mandala Homes as an enclosed aviary w/ portable spa and waterscape ~ ♡

…Beautifully built small homes from ecologically minded Mandala Homes. Built in Bali (but can be shipped world wide) they feature unique features like coconut wood and hand crafted exterior details.” – Treading TINY See more Exotic tiny homes

Photo by Leo MielesLeo Mieles explains, “the approach is: ‘Let’s not clear the hell out of the land but instead quietly embed our cottage and enjoy the landscape

The Georgian Bay Cottage treads lightly on the land, with a “long-shed” construction featuring a large sliding door and pull-down bug screen, a translucent corrugated-fiberglass roof, and exposed studs and ties. Photo by Leo Mieles.

Large decking area with a festoon lit pergola area and rattan corner sofa

Roger chillingworth essays This essay will explain the evil role played by Roger Chillingworth in the story. Just by calling his name, a sense of evil can be felt, and a dangerous old man with a scary face can be painted in the mind of the readers.

Country porch

A simple, rustic Porch nestled amongst Montana’s beautiful countryside [[MORE]] ARCHITECT: ‘Shilo Ranch Compound’ - Miller Architects “ “With the client’s desire to maximize efficiency, the structures.