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there is a small stuffed animal in the hole
This Artist Continues To Brighten Up The Streets Of His City With His Adorable Chalk Art (130 New Pics)
a sticker on the side of a building
Helping Hands
a brick wall with two stuffed animals in the hole between it and a string attached to the side
an image of a red fox painted on the side of a white brick building in russian
10 Simply Spectacular Street Art Designs - Tinyme Blog
a hand holding a paintbrush and drawing on a stone wall with an image of a man's face
a painting on the ground in front of a door with angels and clouds painted on it
two mice in a concrete wall with an apple and cheese board on the ground next to them
Cute street art-November 4th
a little mouse with a plant growing out of it's head on the sidewalk
Artist Manages To Extract Life From The Streets And Walls In An Improvised And Joyful Way (New Pics)