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Patty Tompkins. Poulsbo, WA. I read about the Little Free Library a few years ago and thought what a great idea it was. So I asked a friend, Ralph Schulz, master woodworker to build me a two shelf unit. Then I saw some beautiful mosaic on Bainbridge Island and decided to add on a mosaic. It turned out that neighbor had recently opened up a mosaic store in downtown Poulsbo! She was such a great help to me. My daughter and husband helped too.

My Little Free Library Every morning as I walk my son to the bus stop we check our little free library and everyday there’s a new book or two and some are gone.

Little Free Library  - Book exchange. Lots of locations in and around Atlanta! Leave a book, take a book.

Little Free Library - Thousands of Little Free Libraries in Communities Around the World Your support is essential to Little Free Library. You can help us build and place Little Free Libraries where kids and adults need good books.

Bookshelves and their treasure. by the Picsees ( Books cute pixies reading

We're big lovers of books. Have you seen our range of creative yet educational books aimed at children of all ages?

These owl pumpkins are a hoot!  #halloween #pumpkins

These owl pumpkins are a hoot!

“… making the diamonds adjacent and altering the center stitches …forms a…

Making the diamonds adjacent and altering the center stitches …forms a beautiful lace V down the center of the front and back of this lightweight pullover.