Roman Klobušiak

Roman Klobušiak

Roman Klobušiak
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Aperture is a facade installation with interactive and narrative display modes. Composed of single-aperture modules with receptor and actuator, Aperture acts like an autonomous skin. Capable of precise external control. Visual information is transmitted from the inside of the building to the outside.

Designed by Berlin interactive artists Gunnar Green and Frederic Eyl, Aperture includes dozens of tiny aperture holes that (with a slight delay) open if there is no light and closes if there is. The result is the silhouette of passersby.

Flooring is often left out of discussions when addressing asset management. However, if flooring is maintained regularly, it can significantly reduce expenditures and increase the life of this valuable asset

Waterfrom Design has developed the new office interior of internet media company cnYES located in Integrating finance and mass communication to provide fin

Donor Wall Texas Lions Camp

Texas Lions Camp donor recognition wall display, complete with a horizontal Railwall System and Digital Signage on Arreya Digital Signage Suite software.