Day 150 - Cute hedgehog pencil drawing. #Hedgehog #cute #animal #drawing #art

Pencil Sketch: Tiny little hedgehog. I can relate. I feel like if I were to draw a hedgehog, it would look like this.

Love!! I wouldn't remember this one to use though. Not into the whole science thing outside of school.

Are you made of Copper & Tellurium? Because you're cute? ~ I usually detest cheesy pick up lines, but this clever use of the Periodic Table has won me over! for geek LovinGs!

Dog brains

When a dog sees their human, their brain secretes the substances as ours do when we are in love

bunny zodiac

the bunny zodiac ✿☽ which one are you? i’m cancer bunny ♡ edit: i put aquarius and capricorn in the wrong order sorries :~(