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a ukulele with purple flowers and green leaves
Start A Fire
✌︎pinterest: iidonuttcaree
a woman with her eyes closed standing in the woods
Dalena Vintage
a woman holding a guitar in her right hand with the caption'con el paso del tempo '
n o i r
n o i r
two people standing next to each other on the side of a road with their hands in the air
thoughts... my thoughts on this photo is that people are always there for each other and you will always have one beside you to help you. the effect just by turning the camera gives a lot.
someone playing an acoustic guitar with their fingers
a woman sitting on a couch playing an acoustic guitar
Jamorama Review
Cool photo the 60's vintage vibe. And the nylong string guitar makes it cooler.
an electric guitar sitting on top of a sheet music
I wish I were good at writing music tbh. And did anyone hear Ed sheeran's new song??? I mean it is just
a person holding a water bottle in front of a waterfall
Creative Images
Creative Images | Funnilogy
a person holding a yellow leaf in their hand
27 fotos que deixam qualquer pessoa com inveja por não ter uma igual
Fotos que deixam qualquer pessoa com inveja 25
a woman with red hair and daisies on her head is looking at the camera
How I Shoot Portraits Photography Shots
Daisies are good. Am pretty sure Alice plays with daisies in the book, so good thing to reference. I will double check
an open book with pages folded into the shape of a heart on top of it
Top Summer Reading List for Kids and Teens
Top 10 2013 Summer Reading Lists For Kids and Teens: Books for Elementary School, Middle School and High School Students
the word love is made out of rocks in the sand
fifteen places at once.
You cannot stop the waves from rocking but you can learn to sit back and enjoy it