Kristen Spy

Kristen Spy
Beverly Hills, California USA / Hi guys, my name is Kristen.. 12 y.o.
Kristen Spy
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Everybody gets high sometimes, you know~ Baby baby baby ohhh I won't let go nah nah nah

Justin Bieber is our worst enemy of hating anime! Anime is our Life Saver

World of winx (winx WOW) Posted by - club.

World of Winx - Episodes Danh sách + Trailer + hình ảnh! - Winx Club Tất cả

World of Winx - Episodes Danh sách + Trailer + hình ảnh!

World of Winx

World of Winx

Winx Club Trix Darcy | Trix_Gloomix_Darcy-1-.png

Gloomix is a plot element, the opposite of fairies'.

Take this simple quiz to determine how imaginative you are. 1) Examine the fantasy image 2) Develop reasoning or a backstory for the image 3) Choose the answer which best represents your idea

Every book is a journey, a wonderful, surprising, and potentially heartbreaking journey that NEEDS to be done

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Chip & Dale disney print watercolor Art by digitalaquamarine

Elsa fighting the Evil...or, even better, the fear?<<<< I know I…

What's darkness without a little bit of pain, Elsa?

Elsa's Funeral

Elsa's Funeral