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it is valid before pinning, and yes, it is! it starts with a recording saying "if you or someone you know is in emotional crisis.", so you can call it if you are worried about a loved one. handy number to have - let's hope you never need it.

This is literally the most truest thing I've ever read. All the things i want in a boy is every thing on this list and hopefully one crazy day i will fall for a guy like this. But how the world is these days, with whats going on about everything, it may be VERY hard to find someone like this, but maybe i will.

That I was telling BUT I fell for a boy who doesn't do all this stuff. I fell for a boy who makes me forget that I hate him with one hug! I fell for a boy who is not perfect but I love him because he is true to me ♥

And maybe you will be even stronger! Who knows!

And maybe you will be even stronger!

I hate these

I'm laughing so hard right now. This is 5 seconds of summer. Michael is wearing the pig costume and Ashton, Luke, and Calum are laughing in the corner. And believe it or not, they're still alive.

Sad love story... Um this is sad!

Um this is sad! I hate how they added a chain post to the end of this BEAUTIFUL story, I reposted because I love this story, not because of the chain, others should do the same

Never been one to care what others think about me :) I'm me! Take it or leave it, I won't change for anyone!

people are going to judge you anyway, so forget everyone and be yourself. Just be you cause not everyone is going to like you. The only person that really matters if they like you is you.