Vicky Riley 'Ansichtkaart Magical Bunny'

contemporary easter bunny or christmas rabbit art inspiration for cards Vicky Riley 'Ansichtkaart Magical Bunny'

Koala via catita Illustrations . Click on the image to see more!

Koala Art Print

Really nice example of the type of palette I'm planning to use for my koala illustration in this project. Note in particular the way pink is added to cheeks giving character a female gender.

Vicky Riley 'A4 Poster Konijn met Poppenwagen' | Vicky Riley | Petite Louise

Inspiration: Vicky Riley Poster Bunny with Doll Carriage'

Vicky Riley 'Ansichtkaart Bunnies'

sweet bunnies postcard printed on 300 grams FSC biotop environmentally friendly inkt x cm Vicky Riley for Petite Louise

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