Klára Vondroušová Mathauserová

Klára Vondroušová Mathauserová

Klára Vondroušová Mathauserová
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a favorite...makes me miss the lake ::sigh::

light summer rain cooling the day, tap dancing, whirling rings of water and the bloop bloop bloop of fish kissing the surface . the simple things in life are the best

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Didier Leclair

In this image it shows a quite dark room with sun shining through the window. I like the eerie feel to the photo and the fading of the light through the window. This connects to my theme because of the eerie feel the image gives off.

@ARASOSAR @lo_bo_feroz @mcgonzalez63 @marisol rodrigo @IaakovDavid Ui y si hace invisible al q lo lleve seria genial! pic.twitter.com/0WvAalwpLa

Trying to fill in someone else's shoes is futile. The person will at best be a shadow of the one who shoes they are trying to fill. It is best to have new shoes (their own) rather than live in the shadow of another