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Klára Švamberková

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Klára Švamberková
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Nose practice, looks a bit dodgy XD:

tyler joseph |-/ clique art |-/ twenty one pilots

Oh miss believer my pretty weeper tyler joseph

Meet Lil Peep, The All-American Reject You’ll Hate To Love

How lifelong outcast Lil Peep became the internet’s most divisive rising star.

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Víctor besos mio

Just a fox drawing idea

Imagen de drawing, eye, and art

This mornings Sketch dook.Taking my new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 thru its paces. Keep on keepin on!


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This literally looks like an editied photo.I have a fetish for this type of art 😍😍😍✏Whoever drew this must have an angel's hand 😍😍👼👼👼

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I like how the artist has the building black and white and the background in color, it makes you question which is actually the focus of the art.