XD im sorry im so sorry ^^^ This would actually be true...except I wouldn't have the gun i'd have a block of granite

Goddammit Jeff

XD Yup Thats Me!

Jeff the killer #JeffTheKiller #KeepCalm #creepypastas

Keep calm and make you beautiful- Jeff the killer (well most likely said by Jeff the killer)

Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer. I like how this is diffrent from other Jeff drawings/paintings

Jeff the Killer

I think this is the first semi-decent picture i've seen of Jeff the killer that wasn't creepy as crap. He still looks murderous.

Jeff in a bottle

Lol its a tiny jeff

Jeff the killer

Hey Jeff watch a doing? Jeff: thinking HB: about? Jeff: none of your business

Вам сообщение!

Jeff the killer lullaby so cool and creepy *~* cx

Chibi Jeff the Killer in a bottle :)

Jeff likes cookies and I like cookies perfect match

Didn't think that one through.

Why did Jeff cut off his eyelids anyway?


Jeff the Killer Hanged Man Card

creepypastas by RukiaAngle on DeviantArt

Jeff the Killer; Creepypasta

Awesome Jeff The Killer fan art

Jeff the Killer; Creepypasta

Awesome Jeff The Killer fan art

jeff the killer

jeff the killer doll. I need thjis


I remember when I used to read creepypasta stories all the time , and the most loved of them was Jeff The Killer , but now is like Im changing and Im leaving a lot of things in the past but I don’t.