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two anime characters with blonde hair and glasses
Doukyuusei Sajou × Kusakabe ♡
an anime character hugging another person in black and white
Open The Sky
two people sitting on top of a ladder next to a tree with flowers and birds
an anime character laying on the ground next to another character with his hand in his mouth
Shun and Mio • Umibe no Etranger
some anime character sketches with different expressions
映画『海辺のエトランゼ』|Blu-ray&DVD好評発売中🏖 (@etranger_anime) on X
two people are hugging each other in black and white
two people holding cats in their hands while standing next to each other with snow falling on them
an anime drawing of two people with their faces close to each other, one is kissing the other's cheek
cuties(///-///) / stranger by the sea
an anime scene with two people kissing and one is in black and white, while the other
two people standing next to each other in front of a window, one holding a cell phone
an anime scene with two people on a boat and birds in the sky behind them
🔸Shun & Mio🔸
three people standing next to each other with guitars in their hands and the sky behind them
two anime characters laying in bed with their heads on each other's backs, one has red hair and the other is black