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an image of a vase with paint and crayons next to it on a piece of paper
How To... Make a Scratch Art Greek Vase
The Ancient Greeks were renowned for their skill with pottery - try your hand at making our DV kids version!
a woman's face is made out of small pieces of stone and glass mosaics
Anne-Cécile Lopez - Artiste Mosaïste -
Mosaïque de Natalie
a mosaic with a man walking a dog on it's side and an animal in the middle
Roman Mosaic. Hercules and Cerberus. Volubilis, Marocco.
an ancient mosaic with a woman riding a horse and the words meannaith written on it
Turkey: Byzantine Mosaics in Urfa - Smit & Palarczyk
[TURKEY.EAST 29274] ’Melanippe, Amazon in Byzantine mosaic in Urfa.’ Wearing a Phrygian cap, the Amazon Melanippe is part of a large hunting scene with several animals and other Amazons. The warrior queen from Greek Mythology is typically represented with one breast, as the other one has been removed to prevent it getting in the way in battle. The 5/6 th century floor mosaic can be found in the "Villa of the Amazons", a palatial house, that probably belonged to an important administrator o...
the floor is decorated with many different designs
Villa Romana del Casale
Villa Romana del Casale | by bautisterias
a child is drawing an ancient vase on paper
Going GREEK! Scratch into history with Greek Vases/Pots
ARTASTIC! Miss Oetken's Artists: Going GREEK! Scratch into history with Greek Vases/Pots
an ancient greek vase with two women holding hands
Costumes of Ancient Greece
an intricately decorated wall with ornate designs
A Brief History of Ancient Greek Mosaics
A brief history of Ancient Greek mosaics - Mozaico Blog
an illustration of two men and a woman in ancient greek dress, one holding a basket on his head
The Ancient Greek fashion history. Clothing in Ancient Greece.
the statues are lined up against the wall
Greek Muses
Greek Muses In ancient Greece. The 9 Muses were considered sources of knowledge and providers of inspiration to creators of literature and art. Almost everyone should still have a shrine to honor them. Calliope (Epic Poetry) Clio (History) Erato (Love Poetry) Euterpe (Music) Melpomene (Tragedy) Polyhymnia (Hymns and sacred poetry) Terpsichore (Dance) Thalia (Comedy) Urania (Astronomy)
an old vase with some people on it
Theseus & the Minotaur