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Collage by Astrid Torres.

COLLAGE BY ASTRID TORRES I really enjoy the fine tuning aspect of a number of collage pieces by various artists. The skill and decision that goes into choosing elements to combine is challenging.

[ Cosas Que Vuelan ]

Oooooo the negative space is awesome! rmeinds me of salvador dali for some reason Kenny Beler- the sky implies the shape of their clothing even though they have none

MJ sat in the middle of the room with a cigarette dangling from her fingertips. She stared out the window and sighed. Another police car just drove past the window. She brought the cigarette up to her lips and inhaled. For the past three nights the small abandoned house had been her home. She needed some time away from everyone. The voices were getting to be too much. (KLK)

This photo is similar to Tom Hunters work and I really like the effect that the light gives in the photograph, the colours are quite deep but also still quite powerful even though they're toned down.