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a cat bed with measurements for the top and bottom side, showing how to measure it
Niteangel Foldable Guinea Pig Tent Bed & Warm Tunnel for Rabbit Ferret Chinchilla Bunny Rats or Other Small Animals
a cardboard castle made to look like it is built into the wall with stairs and ladders
Human Builds A Dragon-Shaped Cardboard House For His Cat In Order To Please His Master
One creative guy named Sam just took cardboard cat houses to the next level!
the cardboard castle is made to look like it has been built
I created this as a playhouse for my cat , it's made out of old cardboard boxes and glued together with pva glue then decorated to suit your own taste and he loves it!
cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other in a room with carpeted flooring
a cat is laying on top of a cardboard castle that has been built into the floor
Hipykat Cardboard Cat House Castle Furniture - Durable Corrugated Box Cube, DIY Cats Hideaway Play House, Tower Condo for Indoor Small Kittens Bunny with Scratcher *2, Scratching Teaser Toy, Bed
the cat house is made out of cardboard boxes and has holes in it for cats to play
A Cat Thing Have Created A Modular Cardboard Furniture Collection For Cats
A Cat Thing Have Created A Modular Cardboard Furniture Collection For Cats
a cardboard cat house made to look like a boat
Four years ago my dad said that he would not take care of that cat if we get it. Now he builds Guppy in hours of work a cat mansion out of cardboard boxes. I love my dad and so does our cat.
an open cardboard box sitting on top of a wooden table with stairs leading up to it
there is a bird in the cage on top of a shelf
Watching Sweet Pea run down that bridge brings a smile to my face :)
a bird cage filled with lots of birds and other things on top of it's shelves
Show your Hallowe'en cage decor!
three different views of a red and yellow object on a wall with wire mesh behind it
Two shelves (6" x 12") with a plastic flexible play tube (3-1/2" diameter) | eBay
the shelves are filled with many different items
the shelves are filled with baskets and other items