I've posted this before, but am reminded of how much I love this idea. Definitely considering it. Bed/sofa. Love this!

Depending on the Tiny house living space this seems like a great way to solve for a guest room. Wonder why i dont see very many posts for Tiny houses w murphy beds.

EDGE compact house

EDGE compact house - me: get rid of giant table, make roller table double as island. Need comfy love seat & chairs, both would be used as dining furniture. Windows don't need to go to the floor, make lifting benches on one side at least

These sexy Stack ceramic stoves were put together by Adriano Design for La Castellamonte, and while not many of us here in Seattle use pellets and wood to heat our home ...   http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/15/your-daily-well-designed-ceramic-stove/

Your Daily Well-Designed Ceramic Stove

The Living Cube. It features a bed on top, and lots of storage space underneath. There's even a door that opens up into...more storage space.

11 Magnifying Uses of Small Spaces

"The living cube" I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So i made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, Clothes and Shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space.

Freedom in 704 Square Feet | "In [9] months, the mortgage will be paid in full, which will leave... monthly costs of roughly $370 for property taxes, utilities, municipal services and insurance."

Freedom in 704 Square Feet

This modern studio dwelling with 704 sq ft, all on a single level, was designed and built by the owners.

I LOVE this, if I was to ever consider a Tiny House on permanent foundations, I would be doing one like this...  -  To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia or at www.tumblr.com/blog/tinyhousesaustralia

Chatouis a garden pavilion where the furniture forms the entire interior. Arranged on four split levels, the building is intended for a teenager to live within the garden of the family home.

Amazingly designed modular sofa & coffee table set - saving space in your lounge! ____ Kompaktowe meble - swoboda dekoracji. design, funkcjonalność, wnetrze https://www.facebook.com/CeramikaParadyz

DESIGNER INSPIRATION – eco furniture of the future

Couch with a built-in, pull-out coffee table. If we can design and combine this with a built-in couch and other storage, we can have a pretty awesome living room with play, tv, and game space.

26 foot Family Tiny House Design | Tiny House Design

family tiny house, no practical dining area but a covered deck could extend the living space (by the side door). ^who needs a practical dining area moum

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