hotel design by Foster Lomas

Welcome to the green heart of the rain forest: Bukit Lawang Lodge is located in Sumatra, Indonesia, on a site adjacent to an orangutan sanctuary. A great wilderness experience. Indonesia Hotel design by Foster Lomas

by studio de.materia

Light Soil V.2

Studio de Materia’s Light Soil is a beautiful fusion of clean lines. The intersecting elements seem to float and hold one another, but in a way t.

Philip Johnson's Glass House

Every writer looks to good models . Some people dream of living in a tree house or even an island or its lighthouse. For me, from early adolescence, there's been Philip Johnson's Glass House in Connecticut.

Passive Solar House Design

Solarei Passive Solar House (New Zealand) -- Home uses "green architecture principles on a medium scale budget.

Los Limoneros / Gus Wüstemann

Gallery of Los Limoneros / Gus Wüstemann Architects - 29

would love to have a little studio like this someday...

Gulf Islands Cabin in British Colombia Looking for a minimalist experience in the dense woods of the upper Northwest? The Gulf Islands Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects is a modernist dream with just enough Thoreau to have you waxing poetic in no time.