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Rosa : rose

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Rosa cymosa

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Red-Leaved Rose in Bloom / Rosa glauca / Edible Hips
Rosa Glauca by RaminN on Flickr.
Rosa glauca which is contrasting with its neighbor, Cotinus coggygria

Rosa glauca

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R. mulliganii Vivaio La Campanella Vivaio La Campanella
Rosa mulliganii. An evergreen climbing rose with masses of fragrant white flowers, excellent shiny foliage.
Rosa mulliganii. The species rose used at the centre of the White Garden at Sissinghurst. This massive rambler is one of the biggest of all climbing roses in this country. It produces small, white flowers, blushing pink with age, held in huge broad trusses of anything up to 150, followed by small orange-red hips in autumn. Fine, glossy, almost evergreen foliage, with leaves of seven leaflets. Late flowering.

Rosa mulliganii

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Bottelroos Rosa rugosa Rotes Meer - Kwekersvergelijk
yellowing fall color on a shrub rose (Rosa rugosa). Invasive some places
‘Souvenir de Trélazé’, un rugosa aux allures de pivoine, également remontant.

Rosa rugosa

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June 19, 2019. Rosa multiflora
June 19, 2019. Rosa multiflora
Rosa multiflora - Plant Finder. Highly invasive noxious weed.

Rosa multiflora

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A caterpillar and a bumblebee on native Carolina rose
Rosa carolina - From @Giulio Baistrocchi
Carolina Rose (Rosa carolina)

Rosa carolina

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Rose ‘Canary Bird’ #fleur #printemps #Paris http://www.pariscotejardin.fr/2017/04/rose-canary-bird/
Canary Bird (Rosa Xanthina)

Rosa xanthina

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Smooth Wild Rose — Native to MN
Prairie Moon Nursery :: Seeds :: Rosa blanda (Early Wild Rose)
Rosa blanda - Meadow Rose

Rosa blanda

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banksian rose (rambler) Rosa banksiae 'Lutea': Delivery by Crocus
Secret garden hideway ~ White flowering climbing Banks Rose covering pergola with bench at Norfolk Botanical Garden
Grew up with these beautiful bushes in our garden >Rosa banksiae var.lutea - http://lefotodiluisella.blogspot.it/

Rosa banksiae

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Rosa laevigata
rose laevigata - cherokee rose good for climbing, fragrant, invasive tendencies
Rosa laevigata 'Cooper's Burmese' fand an der Fassade von Norburton Hall an der warmen Südküste Englands einen idealen geschützten Standort um ihre exotische Schönheit zu entfalten. Zwischen dem glänzenden Blattwerk erscheinen einzelne grosse Blüten in Creme-Weiss mit 4 bis 8 Blättern die wunderbar duften. Im Katalog von Peter Beales Roses Ltd ist diese seltene Rose zu finden.

Rosa laevigata

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Prairie Rose - Rosa setigera. This can be found in open woods, thickets, and clearings. Rose petals can be added raw to salads, beverages, desserts, and even as an edible decoration!
Rosa setigera
The pink-flowering shrubs in this image is another of our most showy wildflowers in bloom now: Prairie or Climbing Rose (Rosa setigera). This is a great natural landscape combination with elderberries but part of our companion planting to our apples. You can see a sea of strawberries as groundcover in this photo and the bluish spikes of Anise-hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) flowers. Anise-hyssop is one of the best nectar plants to attract good bugs to a garden AND the flowers are edible.

Rosa setigera

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Rosa palustris
Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris) flower. The aptly named Swamp Rose is common in wet areas throughout North Carolina. The beautiful flowers, produced from late spring to early summer, are very fragrant.
Rosa palustris plena, the Double Swamp Rose. Very ornamental.

Rosa palustris

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Rosa canina | by Margaret S.S
Rosa canina 'Kiese'
Rosa canina

Rosa canina

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Rosa arvensis #floweringtoday #roses #twitter
Bosroos (Rosa arvensis)
Rosa Arvensis www.rozenrijk.nl

Rosa arvensis

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Rosa gallica #floweringtoday #therosefield #roses #twitter
Rosa Gallica 'Rosa Mundi'
Rosa gallica versicolor - Rosa Mundi

Rosa gallica

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Rosa woodsii

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Rosa Moschata "Ghislanine de Feligonde" - changes colors ...
Die wunderbar duftende Rosa moschata 'Buff Beauty' (Bentall, 1939) bildet dicht gefüllte gold-gelbe Blüten mit aprikosenfarbenem Schimmer, die später am Rand aufhellen. Sie blüht reich von Juni bis Herbst. Ihr Laub ist im Austrieb rot, später dunkelgrün. Ebenso sind junge Triebe braunrot gefärbt. Nach einigen Jahren wächst 'Buff Beauty' zu einem 150cm hohen und breiten Strauch mit langen überhängenden Trieben. An extremen Standorten benötigt diese Rose guten Winterschutz
Rosa moschata ‘Golden Mozart’ | Zon III. Modern buskros och myskros – en okänd pärla som påminner mycket om Mozart fast krämigt gul. Halvfyllda blommor. Blomman blir ljusare när den åldras. Mediumstark doft. Remonterande. 1.3x1m.

Rosa moschata

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'Flammentanz' | Climber, Hybrid Rubiginosa, Large-Flowered Climber. Bred by Wilhelm J.H. Kordes II (ca. 1918 - 1955) (Germany, before 1952).  | Flickr - © Lilja Sirpale
Rosa Rubiginosa - Family Rosaceae Common Names - Eglantine, Sweet Briar.
Rosa rubiginosa  Sweet briar (Rosa rubiginosa) . . . Simplicity

Rosa rubiginosa

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Rosa virginiana
Rosa virginiana
VIRGINIA ROSE. Rosa virginiana. Leaves turn red in fall

Rosa virginiana

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Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' - 200 cm H x 150 B - Grote rode bottels.
DP: ‘The flaming hips of Rosa moyesii’
Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'

Rosa moyesii

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#Rosa #sericea subsp. #omeiensis #winged #thorn #rose
#Rosa #sericea subsp. #omeiensis #winged #thorn #rose

Rosa sericea

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Yellow Incense Rose (Rosa primula) | Laura Berman
Yellow Incense Rose (Rosa primula) is a medium-sized shrub rose forming thin arching branches which bear early, small, single, soft-yellow flowers and incense-scented foliage.
Yellow Incense Rose (Rosa primula) is a medium-sized shrub rose forming thin arching branches which bear early, small, single, soft-yellow f...

Rosa primula

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Rose 'Sterling Silver' Sterling Silver
Rose 'Sterling Silver'
Red Peppercorn
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