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four cement birds sitting on top of a wooden table
Pottery Day
a ceramic bird is sitting in a vase
soda_can_bird - Mayco Clay
four owl necklaces with different designs on them
Töpferwichtel: Getöpfert
two pictures of a pink bird with red dots on it's face and the words making of the little bird
twelve handmade wooden birds with flowers on them
Slepička na zavěšení
Slepička na zavěšení
a ceramic owl ornament with flowers on it
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clay owl
an art piece with owls and stars on it
Bottega delle stelle - Riccardo Biavati e La bottega delle stelle
La griglia della sera / 18x5x23 cm
two owls are hanging on the wall next to a wooden block with beads and bead
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Owls wind bell Vintage ceramic and wood wind bell by MeshuMaSH, $18.00
two ceramic owls sitting next to each other on top of a wooden box surrounded by green leaves
a ceramic rooster planter is shown on a white background with a red comb in it's beak
Ceramic chicken pot
an owl is hanging on the wall
several ceramic birds sitting on top of plates
Domov |
Hrnčířské a řemeslné trhy - Aktualita - Incheba
a brooch with a bird on it's back
Susan Swanson Ceramics
Susan Swanson Ceramics
five owls sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden floor with the words garden keramik above them
"Schau mir in die Augen ..."
Garten-Keramik: "Schau mir in die Augen ..."