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Diabolik Lovers (Lost Eden)- Ayato #Anime #Game #Otome

Diabolik Lovers (Lost Eden)- Ayato damn he sexy

~Imagine~ The means to achieve their ends are often considered immoral, unjust, or evil. Sometimes, they may simply be a villain with gentlemanly qualities, a code of honor or some sense of justice. This, is an anti villain

This is Lindo from the anime Dancing with devils

Ayato Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers, I've seen it that way before

is this one of those pervs from diabolical lovers?<<its diabolic lovers not diabolical lovers -_-

kurumi's jar. : Photo

ayato sakamaki, dog, and diabolik lovers image

diabolik lovers, Chibi mi dios !ayato! kawaiiii!!!

Chibi Ayato ♡ please do not remove caption

Sakamaki Ayato by charunetra

Sakamaki Ayato from Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers... I cant say that i entirely loved this anime but i rlly liked it ... i rlly like ayato and shuu. They are my favorites. I also like the other guys too, they are very entertaining at times... I liked how creepy and sadistic they are. i found them very alluring....Guess that says alot about me(laughs awkwardly)

"Diabolik Lovers" Reiji, Laito, Subaru, Shu, Kanato and Ayatu

Diabolik lovers #vampire #boy #ayato

Diabolik Lovers-Sakamaki Ayato oooooins x)

Ayato Sakamaki. Vampire Age 17 Aries height-174cm Blood type O Hobby-baketball. Diabolik Lovers

Vampire Age 17 Aries cm Blood type O Hobby-baketball.


Diavolik lovers/ayato *w*