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:d ahoge artist name babydoll bangs blonde hair blurry blush bottomless breasts cleavage collarbone dated depth of field eyebrows visible through hair green eyes hair ornament hairclip heart idolmaster idolmaster cinderella girls idolmaster cinderell


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#the devil is a part timer #lucifer #too cute

wellllllll the eye is a little creepy but everything else is really cool. purple hair, pencil, t-shirt detail, HER LAPTOP, etc. Actually this is Lucifer from the Devil is a part-timer. He's a male.

Code Geass, Coding, School Days, Anime Couples, Madoka Magica, Green, Face, Animation, Board, Projects, Try

533125-600x912-code+geass-sunrise+(studio)-c.c.-lelouch+lamperouge-creayus-long+hair.png (600×912)

533125-600x912-code+geass-sunrise+(studio)-c.c.-lelouch+lamperouge-creayus-long+hair.png (600×912)

Anime-Code-Geass-CC-lelouch-lamperouge-2977296.png (1000×1428)

bride c. church closed eyes code geass couple creayus dress earrings flower good end highres jewelry kiss lelouch lamperouge rangetsu wedding wedding dress

The Eternity for two by GeminiGiltenkreuz.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Eternity for two by GeminiGiltenkreuz on DeviantArt