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a woman sitting on top of a pile of bricks with the words diy stacked rock bubbler
What's a bubbler? Birds cannot resist this DIY stacked rock bubbler water feature. It is the most visited one in my yard. Could it be because it is sitting directly under a tree, or is it that the bubbling water looks like spring? Moving water equals healthy water. Either way, this easy to build feature allows for great views of birds and the sound alone gives instant relaxation. Disclaimer: I bought this feature 15 years ago, it was called Aquascape AquaRock Stone Fountain Kit. I searched everywhere for it (I didn't know the name). I found it on the maker's website where it stated that it had been discontinued. Hence this DIY video was born. I made some changes to the orginal design to conserve water. Thank you for supporting my channel. #backyarddyi #dyi #birdingbyear #birdwatchers #alison_kondler | Birding By Ear | Birding By Ear · Original audio
there is a small pond in the middle of some plants and rocks, with a hose connected to it