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Một lối đi đẹp và cá tính sẽ góp phần đem đến nét cuốn hút riêng cho mỗi khu vườn. Tùy theo diện tích, không gian, thị hiếu và gu thẩm mỹ c...

Building brick paths and stone walls creates a magical landscape. It's also hard work. These tips will help you work smarter and faster and they'll help ensure that your paths and walls look as good in 20 years as they do the day you finish.

In progress (cloud pruned cupressus)

In progress (cloud pruned cupressus)

I am about to purchase a dozen or so boxwood plants. I want them to line my stone wall and to boarder a few beds. I just read an article that credits boxwood as the most popular shrub for homes. But we already knew this. My  Boxwood Pinterest board is filled with inspiration. James Schettino

Not all boxwood plants are created equal. I will be hunting for English Dwarf Boxwood. The dwarf variety reach a mature size of x However, slow growing plants require a lot less pruning.

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