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the storyboard for star trek's spaceships is shown in several different stages
Otherworld by Rangotoph on DeviantArt
Otherworld by on @deviantART
an advertisement for the upcoming video game, featuring four characters in different outfits and text
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rgromek: “Assassins ”
the character is dressed in blue and has two hands on his hips, while wearing a hood
Jack: Assassin AU by omiishiiart on DeviantArt
In my rotg assassin's creed AU this is jack's story...i'm still working on some of it.... jack came from a poor winter when jack was very young jack went to go look for his sister. sh...
several different types of swords and armor on the same page, each with an individual's hand
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AC Council#!/article/hidden-blades-3073 - Hidden Blades More
the 30 - day workout plan is shown in black and white, with instructions for how to
Fitness Challenges
Assassin's Challenge From awesome workout challenges! All levels, lots of fun
the poster shows how to do an exercise
39 Quick Workouts Everyone Needs In Their Daily Routine
Assassin's Creed? (I found this and related pins on Reddit. I forget where but I should have attributed credit.)
an image of the sky and water with different lines in it's center, as well as some clouds
Assassin's Creed Logos
a man is flying through the air on top of a building
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a group of people standing next to each other with the words we work in the dark to serve the light
How many of you would join the league of assassins if it was real - Gaming
How many of you would join the league of assassins if it was real
four different types of hands and fingers with the caption that says, this is an image
Assassins through the ages...
Weaponry More