Easy wine bottle bird feeder tutorial!

How to Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Here is one for DIY enthusiast - a great DIY project showing you how to turn an old wine bottle and some wood into this lovely little bird feeder idea.

What do you think - school parents...tether ball posts at school playground...Heather/Rocky - my understanding is that is school property. This is just neat...other priorities for now...but I'd love to do this INSIDE the school!

Cute for basement kids art center Hallway pole + paint + air duct tubing = super fun giant pencils.

Proving that art can be made with anything and anywhere!

My Dog Sighs: Can Men -Street artist My Dog Sighs creates painted faces on found crushed cans, which he then leaves on the streets in random places for passers-by to take home. It is both a street art installation project and an altruistic gesture dedicat