I like the posing and angle of this portrait...very manly. The crop also is interesting, I like the fact that he isn't all in it and that you can look beyond him...but with him posed like the way he is why would you want to look beyond him.

My newest celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender. He's been in a ton of movies where I've been "who is this handsome man? apparently he's in the new x-men.

black & white photography | dark lips | full brows | flawless makeup | gorgeous black & white portrait

Make Up

beauty Black and White Grunge bw Make up red lips pale beautiful woman cat eye fashion dark red lips dark eyebrows look

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (22)

101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

Portrait Photography by Josefina Bietti, female freckles. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

I like the fact that she has a nice amount of light exposing her and the fact that her hand has shadow on her face and neck. I dislike the fact her hand is in the air and that it's not actually doing anything.

Superposición de color e imágenes

Double Color Exposure

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back to the roots by Michael Kloetzer

Featured Photo from the Fstoppers Community - Title: Back to the roots Photographer: Michael Kloetzer — “Simple one light portrait.

Miles McMillan

Miles McMillan & Richie Cotterell by Angela Hau for Fashionisto Spring 2012

Vintage Fashion Photography by Paolo Roversi

Amber Valletta photographed by Paolo Roversi - French Glamour: September 1994 ( - Juste Une Envie

This Guide Teaches You How to Use ND Filters for Stunning Long Exposures

This Guide Teaches You How to Use ND Filters for Stunning Long Exposures

Many of the most dramatic outdoor images are made by experienced photographers using neutral density (ND) filters in conjunction with long exposures.