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You hate harry potter? You are dismissed! This is so true some of my friends HATE Harry Potter and my other friend is nearly done the series so we say leave to them when we talk about it. They say that the books are stupid, but I LOVE harry potter


Peter And Wendy, Robbie Kay, Peter Pans, Neverland, Peter Pan, Finding Neverland

Robbie Kay in Ways to Live Forever....and in Once Upon A Time :) I guess he has always wanted to be Peter Pan...<---In hindsight, OUAT casting always has some sort of irony involved and this takes the cake!

Robbie Kay playing Sam in Ways To Live Forever and Peter Pan in OUAT I thinks it is funny how his best friend is Felix in both though (different actors of course though)

Fuck Yeah, Robbie Kay!

Fuck Yeah, Robbie Kay!