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Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects-How to make a fossil. Dragon Fossil, Dinosaur Fossils, Dragon Art, Dragon Garden, Art Plastique, Mythical Creatures, Dragons, Mother Earth, Archaeology


Curious devices, forbidden artifacts, mysterious creatures, and intriguing documents.

The Processional Way, Ilanium (The Ishtar Gate, Ancient Babylon, Iraq; I saw a replica of this at the British Museum and it inspired the look of Ilanium). Ancient Persia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Art History, European History, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, American History

The Ishtar Gate. Ancient Babylon, Iraq.

Built by Nebuchadnezzar II, the Ishtar Gate was one of the main entries to the city of Bablyon, capital of the Babylonian Empire. The arched gate at the left was made of brick glazed with a copper turquoise glaze alternating with unglazed brick covered with gold leaf. Lions, bulls, and dragons stride along in rows flanking the entrance. The top is crenelated (notched), and would have provided cover for archers defending the city entrances. At the right is another panel, this one from the…

Stop the tick tocks and trust in your eternal self. Immerse into this moment, and the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you. Leap into infinity, because when time dies the soul flies. Art Du Temps, Clock Art, Clocks, Father Time, Time Art, Vanitas, Surreal Art, Dark Art, Time Travel

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The latest Tweets from Author Chad Schimke (@ChadSchimke). I tell stories you would hear while sitting around the campfire at night

Lcoated 160 kilometers from the world-famous pyrmaids at Giza is a site dubbed the Valley of Whales, it is home to a vast collection of whale fossils. Natural World, Natural History, Natural Park, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Paises Da Africa, Dinosaur Fossils, Wale, Extinct Animals

The Valley of the Whales by Mohammed Ali Moussa. There is another even more ancient Egypt that is known to very few people. The Fayoum area contains some of the best preserved paleontological sites in the world, one of which is Wadi Hitan or the Valley of Whales. A remote valley in the Western Desert of Egypt 150 kilometers southwest of Cairo, the valley is located near the Al-Katrani mountain range, a valuable geological site for its rare vertebrate fossils and mega-fossils.

In astronomy an analemma from Greek pedestal of a sundial is a curve representing the angular offset of a celestial body usually the Sun from its mean position on the cel. Cosmos, Terre Plate, Sun Path, Celestial Sphere, Flat Earth, Sundial, Astrophysics, To Infinity And Beyond, Out Of This World

Sun Pictures: A Full Year in a Single Frame

Can a single picture sum up all of 2010? In a way, yes. Follow the sun's path over the course of a year in analemmas past and present.

Lascaux Cave France: Ice Age Caves Very Few Can See Today Hall of The Bulls, Lascaux Caves France. The five metre-long bulls, the graceful stags, the rutting bison, the very same prehistoric images discovered in 1940 that changed the history of art. Ancient Art, Ancient History, Art History, Ancient Egypt, British History, Lascaux Cave Paintings, Paleolithic Art, Prehistoric Age, Cave Drawings

Inside Lascaux Cave France: Ice Age Caves Very Few Can See Today - Mapping Megan

Thomas Dowson takes us inside Lascaux Caves, France. An Ice Age Cave few have the opportunity to visit today.

tower of babel hanging gardens of babylon Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, European History, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Greece, American History

Mesopotamia Image Dump 4

A well fortified city, Mari the western most sumerian style city since 5th milenium. Important trade city, destroyed and rebuilt till fin...