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Ketty Inverted
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yay! a way to make those lights-in-a-bottle without a plug-in light source. check this out!!

You'll have unlimited wishes with the Constellation Glow Jar. This constellation craft is educational. Learn all about constellations. Educational activities for kids like this are fun, and this one also leads to the coolest light.

Color your hair with any color chalk pastel in 4 easy steps. Wet hair, twist the hair you want colored, color it with the pastel of your choice. Let hair dry and use brush through to remove excess chalk. MUCH better than spray hair dye!

neutral smoke....

Image via Green eyes makeup tutorials and Ideas. Image via Amazing green eye makeup. Image via Make up for green eyes. Image via Eye Makeup Tutorials - Perfect Wedding Mak

Good way to upcycle old mugs. And a cute vertical garden.

Embedded teacup garden wall in mosaic. I love the idea of all the color and texture here.Here's a pretty amazing idea. a mosaic wall with embedded teacups for a succulent garden.

Really like it!

This is my idea of the perfect outdoor area. I have a small balcony and this would be divine at my place. The hanging lights can be bought from IKEA, they are solar lights which is so handy. I absolutely love this! With the cat!

ideas and fun for outdoors -- and more!

Kaleidoscope Wall For a dramatic outdoor space, a colorful Plexiglas panels are used to divide the space. The panels not only look great, they provide privacy and a little shade. Design by Rate My Space contributor PHLpavilion.