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an old black and white photo of a man in a suit with his hand on his head
Basic Repertoire List - Holst
Gustav Holst
an advertisement with the words learn about handel's halejuah choruus
Learn About The Hallelujah Chorus (free SQUILT download) — Homegrown Learners
Learn about the Hallelujah Chorus - free SQUILT lesson. All listening links, notebooking pages, and teaching instructions included!
children are dancing in a classroom while adults watch from the floor and one child is holding up a green kite
Rondo Form and “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi
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the words mood indigo written on a purple background with red and green writing in different languages
Pass the Pen - A Listening Game
♫ We ❤ Music @ HSES! ♫: Pass the Pen - A Listening Game
children are playing with a large parachute in a room full of bookshelves and posters
Star Wars Musical Form + Parachute
Star Wars Musical Form + Parachute // Students explore the musical form (Extended Ternary) of the theme to "Star Wars" and create contrasting movements with a parachute. Video example of 3rd gr. music class.
black and white photograph of a man with glasses
a black and white drawing of a man with a beard wearing a suit, shirt and tie
Links to great Nutcracker lessons and youtube videos of playing Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy with glasses
an article about steve wonder in the magazine, what do you think? with pictures of people
Stevie Wonder Biography | Worksheet |
Worksheets: Stevie Wonder Biography
the cover of in the fall of the mountain king from peter gynt listening works
In the Hall of the Mountain King Listening Activities
'In the Hall of the Mountain King' from 'Peer Gynt'Listening activity for music classesPage 1 and 2 contain background information on the...
an image of two people standing in the rain with music k9 written on it
Music Teaching Idea Display - Idea Bank
Composer of the Month-Mystery Composers-Give them Clues and a Deadline for Guesses