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a birthday cake with a tree on top and the number 80 written in large letters
Family tree cake
This cake was made for very special friends of mine. They wanted a family tree cake, for mum’s 80th birthday and wanted every leaf to be named after a member of their family. I must say I loved every minute of working on the cake. There is a lot...
an open book decorated with flowers on top of green grass in the middle of a field
Otvorená kniha, torta, Narodeninové torty
Otvorená kniha | Torty od mamy
there is a piece of cake that looks like the map of harry potter on it
El delicioso mundo de Harry Potter - Escuela Mundo Pastel
a painting of a man with dreadlocks and a pink bandana
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
This the real Artist 🔥😯
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