Art teacher's blog post about this winter project, perfect for fourth grade students.

Talvinen maisema --- Another great idea for teaching value using shades and tints. The original poster of this project, art teacher Jessica Young, gives a great explanation of the steps and tips she used with her fourth-grade students.

Inspired by a post on Pinterest!  Watercolour and sharpie.  Done by a 10yr old.:

4 Monkeys studio offers Saturday morning art classes to children, summer camps, 'Ladies Nights Out' and birthday parties. Lessons include a broad range of mediums and subject matter.

Collage.  Could also use images cut from old copies of car magazines  (Now this is a great way to involve your congregation in decorating for G-Force VBS!)

Cars transportation craft ideas for kids of papers ~ Creativehozz About Home Decorating Design, Entertainment, Kids, Creative Ideas, Crafts

Cold and warm colours

Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? -- Could use as a bookmark

Image may contain: people sitting and table

Image may contain: people sitting and table

Bird Cage Sculptures. The kids loved this. Simple, creative, fun!

Pet Party: Make a bird in a cage craft.: Bird Cage Sculptures (original source for the idea)