Шапка с узором поперечной косой. Спиральная шапочка спицами. | Я Хозяйка

Вязание стиль миссони,полоски,пэчворк

A most likely knitted swirled stripe beanie hat that would look perfect in alternating. red and white stripes :D

Шапка вязаная необычным узором

Оригинальная шапка Toph

Toph is named for the highly skilled earth and metal bender from Season 1 of the Avatar. Organic forms gently grow from the brim of the Hat towards the crown, each created by short rows.

Multiple hat patterns

butterfly stitch crochet hat-- Angie- would be cute for little or even teenage girls depending on colors and patterns chosen!

Ravelry: Olivia's Butterfly pattern by Valerie Whitten

This is really easy and quick. This fits my 4 year old with a little room for stretching, 20 inch head, but is easily adjustable by either changing hook size or adding increase rows