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Top 5 Classes for Hardcore in Modern Warfare Remastered

Hardcore is one of the most challenging yet rewarding gamemodes in Call of Duty, punishing players with instant death but rewarding cautious and skillful players with heaps of points and xp. Set yourself up for success with our top 5 best classes for Hardcore, and dominate the competition!

How To Get Depot Credits and Supply Drops Faster in MWR

Wanna know how to get Depot Credits and Supply Drops faster in Modern Warfare Remastered? I've got you covered as we go over the best game types and methods. Soon you'll be getting the awesome camos you want a lot faster.

The best Hero pairings for Overwatch Competitive Season 3

Season 3 is live now on Overwatch, and you & your team are going to need to bring your A game to the table. Read on to find out the best hero pairings that can give your team the advantage you need!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Sharpshooter

Accomplished marksmen can make all the difference on the battlefield. Although the battlefield has degenerated into more of a slaughterhouse, the change in scenario doesn't discourage these guys. Learn how to be the William Tell of the apocalypse with our Sharpshooter perk guide!

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XV

10 years later, Final Fantasy XV is finally coming out. Here's a guide on how to prepare for one of the most anticipated games of all time. This covers tips for newcomers and old fans and will get you ready for the game's release tonight.

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Gunslinger

Who needs a big gun to be a badass? With just a couple revolvers, lots of grit, and the gun-twirling skills of Revolver Ocelot; learn how to tame the wild lands of Central Europe in our Gunslinger perk guide!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Firebug

Who loves a good barbecue? Cleansing Central Europe in a less-than-holy fire can prove difficult for those less-equipped, or worse yet, less prepared. Learn how to make an apocalypse BBQ in our Firebug perk guide!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Demolitionist

Everyone loves a good explosion! Sure, there are those who bash skulls in, use high-tech weaponry, or have fancy marksmanship; but they can't hold a candle to your dynamite! Learn how to blow away the competition with our Demolitionist perk guide!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Field Medic

It's a boring job -- said no medic ever. Keeping the team alive or keeping the dream alive, that is the Field Medic's role on any squad. Learn how to prevent your teammates' deaths while ensuring the zeds' in our Field Medic perk guide!

Killing Floor 2 Perk Guide - Support

Just because your job title says 'Support' doesn't mean you have to stay away from all of the action. Make choke-points and regulate the flow of battle with our perk guide on the Support Specialist!