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a troll doll with blue hair holding a teddy bear and wearing a t - shirt that says troll collector
My Lucky #1 Troll Collector Troll Doll Toys & Games
an orange and yellow toy truck sitting on top of a table next to pieces of plastic
Barbie Country Camper was an accessory that came in after I had outgrown Barbie - but what a cute thing to provide for girls.
two monkey dolls are sitting next to each other on a white background with the caption's name below them
Blast from the Past Week: The Monchichi Monkey | Alpha Mom
Monchichi monchichi... oh they're soft and cuddly...
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there is a doll next to a book and some flowers on a bed with purple sheets
Ideal Crissy Doll Velvet Doll Mint curlers hair ribbon complete outfit papers for sale
the doll is in its box and it's wearing overalls with hearts on them
1972 World of Love doll by Hasbro #worldoflove
Hasbro produced this 2nd edition Love doll #4400 in 1972; same doll, different outfit. Hasbro had a catchy TV commercial where the little girls say they want to be like the Love teenage dolls and then rap "I got Love, I got Flower, I got Peace, I got Soul!" #worldoflove #hasbroworldoflove #lovedolls #hasbrolovedolls #70sdolls #70slovedolls
a doll next to a box with the label kerry on it
the doll is in its box and has pink clothes
Tiny Dancerina: A Ghost from Christmas Past
an old advertisement for dolls from the 1970's, featuring girls in dresses and shoes
a barbie doll in a box with an advertisement for the new music video game,
Love Dolls
Love Dolls
the doll is wearing a red dress with gold chains on it's neckline
the doll is wearing a blue top and white skirt