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Kristina Drápalová
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a before and after post processing tutorial by photographer Rachel Nielsen

tutorial Rachel Nielson post processing photographs post processing Photoshop photography forum Lightroom learn to edit photos how to use Photoshop how to use Lightroom how to edit editing CMPro Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom photo

Worry Free White Balance - The 0.05 Cent Expodisc

Worry Free Digital White Balance - The Cent Expodisc: Use a white coffee filter (either cut to fit inside a uv/haze or other clear filter, or simply held taughtly over your lens), point your camera in the direction of your shoot, and set your balanc

Blend Modes: the 10 best blends for photographers (and how to use them)

Learn how to enhance your photos using the Photoshop Blend Modes. We explain the best blends for photographers and how best to use them.

CoffeeShop faded dreams

Here is my newest free action, CoffeeShop Faded DayDreams! It should work in Photoshop and the newer versions of Photoshop Elements (I don.

CoffeeShop Actions

Today I am posting a new Photoshop/PSE action called Color Cast Killer. This action allows you to find and remove color casts and also h.

CoffeeShop Actions - Peachy Glow

OK, I might have to check myself into action-writing rehab since I have been on an action-writing bender lately. My creatively is either.

A Coffeeshop Blog: Coffeeshop Storyboards és keretek

Here are all of my free storyboards, templates, and frames! TOU (Terms of Use) of CoffeeShop Freebies What are the TOU (Terms of Use) of.