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someone is making sushi rolls with cucumbers and sauces on the side
These Clean Eating Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls are Simple and Fun!
the process of making cucumber rolls is shown
a plate that has some food on it and a small bowl with sauce in it
Lueur on Instagram: "tuna cucumber sushi rolls 🥒🍣🥑🍱🤍 swipe for recipe x"
Japanese Sushi Sandwich | Savoryscribe
ONIGIRAZU or a Japanese Sushi Sandwich makes for the best easy lunch 🍣🍚 Onigirazu is similar to Onigiri which are those cute stuffed rice balls formed into triangles, but translates to “no shaping” as you don’t need to shape this one. You can make whatever fillings you’d like with this, I went for my go-to easy “spicy tuna” using a can of tuna but you can also use fresh salmon or lox. I’ve had this so many times it’s my new favorite lunch! 🤍 Ingredients: • - 1 can tuna • - 2-3 TBS mayo • - 1 tsp sriracha • - 1 tsp sesame oil • - salt • - cucumber, sliced • - avocado, sliced • - 2 sheets of nori • - 1 cup of rice—I used sushi rice Directions: • - prepare rice over the stove • - drain a can of tuna and add to a bowl with mayo, sriracha, sesame oil, salt and mix until combi
a plate with chicken, potatoes and tomatoes on it next to a bowl of salad
a person holding a plate with chicken, pasta and vegetables
a bowl filled with french fries and salad on top of a wooden table next to a bench
a bowl with rice, cucumbers and chicken on it
30-Days Ketogenic Meal Plan
chicken, broccoli and potatoes on a white plate with a fork in it
15 Healthy Dinners You Should Resolve to Make in the New Year