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a white plate topped with fish covered in gravy next to rice and chopsticks
Braised Yellow Croaker Fish with Garlic and Tofu (豆腐蒜子炆黃花魚)
a white plate topped with shrimp and veggies next to a bowl of seasoning
Salt and Pepper Crispy Shrimp - COOK COOK GO
Salt and Pepper Crispy Shrimp - COOK COOK GO
two pieces of fish on a white plate with lemon wedges and parmesan cheese
Killer Lemon Butter Sauce for Fish
Overhead photo of a crispy pan fried fish fillet drizzled with Lemon Butter Sauce and sprinkled with parsley. On a white plate.
a plate full of cooked shrimp with lemons and ketchup
Poached Shrimp Cocktail
This easy poached shrimp cocktail recipe is tender, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. In this quick seafood recipe, tender shrimp is cooked in water infused with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon. Use this flavorful poached shrimp to add to salads, shrimp cocktails, or to simply enjoy as a healthy and nutritious snack!