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Pocket Square tutorial... Great infographic

Don't forget about the stylish men's pocket square for their wedding suits. Fold all of the groomsmen's pocket squares the same or with different folds for an eclectic look. Step by Step of the square fold, throw, and one point fold

Etiquette | Party

Table setting tip: R-I-G-H-T has 5 letters just like S-P-O-O-N: thus spoon hours on the right. And L-E-F-T has 4 letters just like F-O-R-K, thus the fork goes on the left.

Sushi Etiquette by dailyinfographic #Sushi #Infographic

Sushi is so tasty, defiantly one of my favorite foods. So it’s unfortunate that I don’t know any sushi etiquette. In fact, after reading today’s infographic, alot of us don’t know any sushi etiquette. AND apparently I’ve been eating at bad sushi bars.