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i dont want to miss you today - Google Search

I will wait for you, even if it takes years. Because to me your worth it you tell me I deserve better how is that possible when your perfection in my eyes nothing will stop me from wanting you and I will wait for you

You Are My Wife Already, Check Your Heart And See, You're Crazy And Unique Just Like Me, And Were Made And Meant To Be, So Get Use To Me, Love Me For Me, And Help Me To Continue To Grow In God That I May Be All The Lord Wants Me To be, And The I Will Be EVERYTHING YOU Need Me To Be....You Are Worth the wait And So Am I <3 :)

i know i can't have you right, our a week from now, a month.or maybe even for years from now. i know that eventually however you will be mine and i will be yours and that's enough. But that's not enough cause I want you now