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Simple bunny tattoo on leg

The rabbit tattoo is the most adorable animal tattoo you can put on your skin. Rabbits have long been associated with spring and Easter as the Easter Bunny

Kamil Mokot’s Tattoos, Blackwork Mixed With Watercolor And Geometry

Kamil Mokot’s tattoos are a mix of blackwork and watercolor with elements of geometry, creating an unique and original symmetry-based style. my canopy...

Tang Yau Hoong is a one genius designer from Malaysia who performs negative space technique in his artworks. Here are 22 of his artworks revealing visual messages through negative space.

night sky tattoo sleeve - Google Search

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Heart shaped father and daughter landscape tattoo. Tattoo...

We did a survey to find out which tattoos for men the ladies drooled over most, and the results were unanimous. Here are the top 10 panty dropping tattoos.