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The single greatest gif of The First Doctor ever.

The single greatest gif of The First Doctor ever.<< Most likely the single greatest gif of all of Doctor Who

Rose and the Doctor in the background of this iconic photo: Indisputable Proof That Doctor Who Is Based On Actual Events

Dalek nesting dolls

Doctor who, matt smith, Paradigm new style Dalek five piece hand painted nesting dolls.

*trying not to cry* *bawls*

Amy and Rory Post-TATM by - What about the Doctor? - He will be alright. Melody will look after him. In my headcanon, right after he was sent back, Rory tried to search for the others, then he realised and sat down in confusion. Amy found him then.


I have a thing about eyes. For example, I hate the scene in Avengers when Loki takes the eye. However, surprisingly this doesn't bother me.