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two children are playing in the sand next to a large metal structure that looks like an elephant
Elephant Slide: Girona Spain 1975
black and white photograph of children playing on a slide
Accidental Mysteries, 04.14.13: The Imagination of Playgrounds
Kuro Kaneko, Teppozu playground Tokyo
an empty park with benches and trees in the background
two children are sitting on the edge of an escalator in front of a building
an old black and white photo shows children sliding down a ramp
a small tree is growing in the middle of a sidewalk next to a fire hydrant
Imagen Subliminal
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and bushes in the middle of a grassy field
a stone walkway with purple flowers growing on it
Pretty DIY Garden Path + Walkway Ideas
an old man standing on a brick path in the middle of a field with grass
an image of a walkway that is going up the side of a building with grass growing on it
a wooden walkway in the middle of tall grass with stepping stones leading up to it
Brooklyn Naval Cemetery Landscape creates an experience of a layered landscape
Brooklyn Naval Cemetery-Landscape-17
stone steps leading up to the top of a hill with grass growing on each side
The Ultimate Pavers Walkway modern sidewalk landscaping sidewalk chalk path lighting inspirations
Pavers Walkway pavement designs diy sidewalk landscape sidewalk signs sidewalk landscaping sidewalk chalk path lighting path design porch decor porch remodel concrete outdoor walkways pavers paving stones paving slabs paving ideas paving pattern paver stone paved patio ideas paved garden ideas backyard ideas backyard landscaping backyard patio backyard garden backyard inspiration backyard fun backyard project outdoors aesthetic outdoor decor outdoor deck outdoor lifestyle aesthetic outdoor space
a black and white photo of an empty room with hedges on either side, looking into the distance