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really like the shading, and random color, but it needs a little more color

Done in I am in love with Elephants and it has a familiar meaning to me. Elephants represent power, stability, family and companionship like no other animal. Done by Bacon Campinas-SP, Brazil.

Consider the time�that goes into crafting�a beautiful painting�on canvas. Then consider doing it�all over again, this time with an electric rotary on the elastic and unpredictable surface that is the human body. No mistakes allowed. Watercolor tattoos were trendy�back in �12, with�pioneers like Ondrash,�Klaim and�Wachob.�Their body art experiments inspired others to explore,�giving way to modern�masters....

Tattoo Artist Creates Impressive Freehand Tattoos On The Spot Without Any Sketches. Jay Freestyle, a talented tattoo artist in Amsterdam, creates his art directly onto his clients’ skin without any previous sketches.