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Thor and Loki...and Avenger-kittens.

Thor finds a box of kittens. and I will think of this every time I see a box of kittens.

The Men of Marvel. Verses, what, 11 women? (Here's what I got off the top of my head: Jane, Darcy, Natasha, Scarlet Witch, Agent May, Simmons, Agent Carter, Skye, Sif, Frigga, Pepper)

The Men of Marvel--can we please add Edwin Jarvis and Daniel Sousa to this list?<<<< and Pietro and T'Challa

Well it is Rated R after all.... And is also Deadpool.

Deadpool asks Iron Man and Captain America how they liked his movie - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!



I'm not a huge Deadpool fan... though my 10-year old stepson thinks he's hilarious... but this did gimme the fanboy belly chuckles.

Deadpool and Batman. As awesome as this would be, it's impossible. They are in two different universes, Deadpool is Marvel and Batman is DC.

Wallcrawling or dancing? You decide. ©Neonardo Plus

zealouscorgi: “ Because of THIS ”

I found this extremely funny.

Captain Dodger! #dodger #dodgerevans #chrisevans #captainamerica #mintmintdoodles

‘Captain Dodger’ by mintmintdoodles

This is me since I started watching Gilmore Girls. And no, I want to watch another episode!

Ouat,doctor who,Agent Carter,supernatural "I can do this all day"

What even. (that look they shared at the end of the episode though, it was like a "I know what you did" look)

Ward dies in season Hallelujah!