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a painting of a woman with horses around her
a woman's face is shown with an orange line across the top of her head
a woman's face is shown with an image of a cat sticking out her tongue
several different types of rocks on a white background
Invitée d'honneur : Anne Brugni
an abstract painting with black, white and blue shapes
Figure Series, 2011 – Ekta
an art work with different colored objects on it's sides, including socks and shoes
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A3 Indigo Press digital printSigned edition of 20 • Browse products sold by Saskia Pomeroy on Tictail.
an old man with white beard and multicolored polka dots on his face in black and white
izzy rael — common comfort
a collage of different colored images with one woman's face in the center
andrea daquino
andrea daquino
Vintage, Trinidad, Photomontage, Historia, Artsy, Feminism Art
Watch a Fun Painting Makeover!
Watch me transform an old watercolour painting using mixed media. Enjoy the full painting makeover video on my YouTube channel. ✂️
an open book with torn papers and scissors next to it on top of a table
Small Collages — Barb Smucker Studio
Small Collages — Barb Smucker Studio
an assortment of different items are displayed on a piece of paper with torn edges and buttons
four pieces of cloth with writing on them