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a child's hand and foot print with the words fun & educational carbon footprints activity for kids
What is A Carbon Footprint? A Carbon Footprint Activity for Kids
An educational and engaging carbon footprint activity for kids. Make a carbon footprint poster and learn about sustainable living for families. #carbonfootprintposter #carbonfootprint #environmentallyfriendlyliving #ecofriendlyliving #earthdayactivityforkids #earthdayactivity
three ice cubes sitting in a plastic container on a table next to each other
Melting glacial ice
In this activity, students investigate the effect that contact with water has on melting ice.
valentine's day birdfeeders are made with heart shaped birdseeds
Love Birds: Valentine's Day Bird Feeders
These Valentine's Day Bird Feeders are a simple craft and make for a cute little gift!
two dices are in front of a card with the words friends are like dice we roll together
Friends are Like Dice Scout SWAPS Girl Kit-Swaps4Less
popsicle stick cookie booth craft for kids to make with their own pictures and instructions
Popsicle Stick Girl Scout Cookie Booth Craft
the girl scout campfire swaps are fun for kids to make and play with
Make these campfire Girl Scout swaps as an easy fun activity